Country Whispers

Tall Tales

In days of old when nights were cold
We'd sit around the fire
And tell tall tales as the night wind wails
To see who was the biggest liar.

I thought I was the best but so did the rest
Till the night a drifter came by
His face was all red, he looked half dead
And just about ready to die.

I still recall how he topped us all
With the tale he told that night
He said I came up rough and thought I was tough
But tonight I had a heck of a fight.

I met a bear on the trail with a thorn in his tail
And needed some help no doubt
So quick as a whiz I roped that griz
And pulled that sucker out.

But the bear got mad instead of being glad
Like I thought he should've been
So I said alright lets have a fight
And I shoved that thorn back in.

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Tall Tales written by Joel T Bailey.


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