Country Whispers

The old rocking chair

I remember Grandma
When I was very small,
sitting in her rocking chair
in the parlor down the hall.

Many hours she spent there
all through her later years,
sharing joyous laughter
or drying little tears.

The chair had been her mothers
and held fond memories,
when Grandma, as a little girl,
had sat upon her knee.

And rocked in that old rocker
held close in loving arms.
Enjoying her mother’s singing,
kept safe from any harm.

I also have fond memories
when, as a little boy,
of being held by Grandma
with fondness, love and joy.

Listening to her stories
and songs that she would sing,
caught up in contentment for
the happiness it would bring.

Grandma's Rocking Chair

Now that great old rocker
sits idle and unused,
but never known by anyone
to have ever been abused.

When we find in years to come
some memories we can share,
a fondness there will always be
for that grand old rocking chair.

The Old Rocking Chair
Reflections by Gerald R. Hill