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Pettin' The Bears

Pettin The Grizzly Bear

We may be just country folk,
illiterates to you,
but we got somethin’ you ain’t honed,
its horse sense, tried ‘n true

Ya leave the glitz of Hollywood,
an’ city life behind,
move out to the country,
an’ break them ties that bind

Ya build your fancy mansions,
an’ cabins in the hills,
start shoutin’ out big orders,
an’ makin’ all them deals

An’ once ya get all settled,
an’  fill up all our schools,
ya start that politicianin’,
an’ changin’ all the rules

Environmentalist, I hear,
is what ya call yourself,
an’ then begin to pass new laws
to put loggin’ on the shelf

Ya want to live with critters,
as friends, ya say, “AS ONE,”
to pet the pretty Grizzly Bears,
an’  tramp their space fer fun

Ya stop our huntin’ cougars
on horseback with our hounds,
complainin’ when they multiply,
an’ congregate in town

Ya just don’t seem to understand,
our way with nature works,
so why move in with bluster,
an’ tell us we’re all jerks?

There ain’t no way fer friendly
with creatures in the wild,
or tryin’ to pet the Grizzlies,
to find ‘em meek ‘n mild,

But you just keep on tryin’
to pet the pretty bear,
soon you’ll find that YOU’RE extinct,
an’ we won’t really care…
Running from the Grizzly Bear

Pettin' The Bears © Tamara Hillman


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