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The Last Cookie Poem

Big Cookie

He'd been a buckaroo of note for nigh on sixty years,
But now the time had come for him to leave this vale of tears!
He said, "Now wife please leave me for I wish to ponder some
of all that I've accomplished, and what is soon to come."

He lay there in his solitude, his thoughts began to flow,
when his nose was tweaked by an aroma from the kitchen just below!
"My wife's bakin' some cookies all full of choclit chips!" 
The thought of those sweet morsels brought saliva to his lips.

Cookie Sam

With all the strength left in him he rolled down off the bed,
crawled out to the hallway and on the door frame struck his head!
When down the stairs he tumbled and at the bottom in a heap,
thought when I was a much younger man them suckers weren't that steep!

To the kitchen he made his way, an anguished labored crawl,
when he saw upon the table, those cookies stacked so tall.
All fresh from mother's oven, piping hot with choclit goo,
I'll make it to my mecca if it's the last thing that I do!

His hands stretched out his fingers strained when almost on the prize,
when a SMACK!! came down upon his wrist and much to his surprise!
There stood his sweet beloved uttering words that filled his heart with sorrow.

Cookie Poem Shooter


The Last Cookie Poem, Copyright 2005 Thom Blackbird. All rights reserved.

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