Country Whispers

Campfire Songs

All I bring is this I sing, songs to soothe our wandering;
faith that sees in flowing Time, a reason and a rhyme.
Across the mountains, over the seas, through the forests and wide prairies;
past city lights and tropic isle, Faith that warms like a lover's smile.

There are many doubts and many wrongs, that are not touched by a Pilgrim's songs,
but a Wayfarer's heart may find some ease, in pausing shared, and melodies.
Stars look down on Winter's night. Birds fly home in Winter flight.
A cold wind blows. The Singer sings - "Down the Road lies another Spring !"

Another Spring; another morning. Another Autumn; another warning.
Another Winter wind will blow. Seeds will sleep 'neath Winter snow.
Brisk March winds will wake the seed. April's rains will answer need.
May will bring forth fruit and flower. Lover's stroll through Summer's hour.

Autumn brings a golden glow. In sky and field creatures know,
it's time to yield, prepare for cold, and pay the cost in Autumn gold.
Winter has a steely gaze; walks in silence through the days,
and yet prepares a wondrous thing, the silent seed of another Spring.

Oh gather round the old Campfire,
let us spend a quiet hour.
Let us share a memory time,
and a reason in a rhyme !

( "Future Folk" Music  
© 1996 - Betty Curtis )

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