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by Tamara Hillman
March Country Ramblin's 09

March is here, and hopefully snow in the North Country is melting away. Spring flowers should be popping their heads through the last remnants of white that covers yards and gardens. If not, take heart! Winters always seem long, and this particular one was especially hard-hitting in most parts of the country, (doesn’t say much for “Global Warming” does it?) Tee-hee! I couldn’t resist…

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I’m part Irish, as most folks who know me can attest since I have the Irish sense of humor and temper! It is on my mother’s side that I acquired this bloodline. My ancestors in the old country are actually called Black Irish. From history books, I’ve learned these people were partially of Spanish decent due to an invasion soon after the Vikings invaded. So the Irish tend to be either a fair-skinned, redheaded Viking-mix, or fair-skinned, dark-haired Spanish-mix. That would be me. (Seems the poor Irish were being picked on a lot in early history.) The one thing most Irish have in common though is their green eyes.

Well, anyway, my point is: I love St. Paddy’s Day, and corn beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes. It tastes grand to me though I’m not Irish Catholic but a good ol’ Southern Baptist.

Of course, there really was a Catholic saint named for this day. St. Patrick was born in circa 385, and died in 461. He was, and is, a national hero to the Irish for bringing Christianity to the region when it was banned.

This holiday was made a feast day in the Catholic Church due to the influence of Franciscan scholar, Luke Wadding. He declared it a Day of Obligation in the Roman Catholic Church in the 17th century. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated each March 17th except when Easter is early. This happens rarely but did so in 1913, and now again in 2008.

St. Patrick's Day is defined as a Christian holiday, so go out in your silly green hats and shamrocks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day whether you’re Irish Catholic or of another Christian faith.

I only wish these following words were my own…Granny Tam

Here is my rendition of an Irish Limerick, and my Easter Poem for this year…

How far I have come from dear Ireland—

From Erin to “Land of the Free.
My heart left on the shore
I shall visit no more
My image they shall never see.



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