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Country Ramblins' Have Faith America2012
by Tamara Hillman

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Where do I begin in this month of July when we celebrate the second greatest birth ever recorded—“The Birth of a Nation,” second only to Christ’s birth, 2011 years ago.

Any fans I may have acquired through my scribbles in the past ten or twelve years know by now,

Being born in November of the same year WW11 ended, and raised by a Marine who fought in that war, there was no question about my being patriotic, nor was there any question about most people’s love of country at that time, but sadly, there is now a faction of infestation who believe Freedom, Capitalism, and Entrepreneurs are wrong for our nation, and these few are eating away at the foundation of what is good, and right, and holy about America…

How can this be? It may be 235 years since our forefathers, (a brilliant, brave, and far seeing group of common men who signed the ‘Declaration of Independence’), but I say, “NOTHING HAS CHANGED in what’s best for America to grow and prosper than what those few men fought so hard to agree upon, and put to paper—and in so doing, risked their own lives and property to nay-sayers of the time.” Our country depends even today on these rules long ago inscribed with feather quill and liquid ink to be enforced under the ‘Constitution of these United States.’

Where did we go wrong? Is it because of lack of education about this nation’s history in recent years—a history that told of how America got to where she was in the 21st century, or is it greed of those who are elected to serve who make it a career and fill their own pockets, is it spoiled Americans who have never seen war and choose to turn a blind eye to how many have given their lives so they may have their freedom of opinion and twisted view of what made America great, is it disrespect our youngsters seem to have rooted in their very souls from birth due to lack of discipline, is it moral decay?

I say, it is all these things, and more…People have turned their face from God to become totally self-centered in what they feel they have achieved without His help. Woe to those who continue in this manner, and even woe to the country that remains so. Remember; Sodom & Gomorra fell to evil, and was destroyed…

I also believe, people who don’t pay attention to who they elect, and what those running for office stand for is our greatest hurtle at this point. It takes so little to get involved before you vote, if only to watch and listen to what politicians truly are, or aren’t saying.
And yes, it DOES MATTER if a man or woman is not faithful to his family and friends, and most of all to God in all his dealings.

Don’t believe the media completely because they have been proven to be bias again and again. And don’t let a busy life, (as we all are living) get in the way of insight into the people who truly would be great, or on the other hand; would lead this country into Marxist destruction. It doesn’t take that much time. Please, wake up Americans, and find out everything you possibly can about the candidates!

Though I came from a tiny little cowboy town, we always made a BIG DEAL of July 4th. There was a parade with every sort of mix from the old fire truck, to veterans carrying the flag in uniforms far too tight, boy scouts and girl scouts marching in crooked lines, kids pulling dogs in wagons, etc. ‘Old Glory’ was flown on every house and business, and people truly celebrated by swapping war stories and conditions back home during those rough times as they ate fried chicken and potato salad on picnic tables in the park, or in their own backyards. Kids were taught what the meaning of the celebration was all about just as we were taught about Christmas and celebrating the Savior’s birth. It was a fun time, but also a reverent time of remembering and learning.

It makes me sad to see that is not true of today’s young parents and their children, even though, it is still so important to instill in them these vital commemorative celebrations. It is not just a time to dress up and watch the adults drink too much, and make fools of themselves.

I don’t want to give in to the premise that things are hopeless…I’ve seen too many miracles when everyone thought all was lost, but I’ve come to not take anything for granted any longer when I see the GREATNESS of America slipping away without a shot or a whimper.

When you take your family this year to watch the fireworks explode over some river or lake, please remember the bombs blasting, and tattered American flag waving while our precious soldiers HELD THEIR GROUND for America to continue as the GREATEST NATION EVER!!! They’re fighting and dying today for that same privilege you and I take for granted across this vast nation.

And don’t forget to tell the story of how we came to have NO KING or COUNTRY rule over us after 1776…It’s more important to spread the truth about our Independence today than ever before!

I will be going to a potluck pool-party with a super bunch of fun lovin’, patriotic Americans on the 4th of July…Drop me a line to let me know what you will be doing to celebrate Independence Day!

Granny Tam

Below is a short poem about the 4th of July celebrations I remember back home in little ol’ Twisp Washington, USA.

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Liberty Bell

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Oh, for the days of big parades,
of cotton candy and flags waved.

Back in the time when we were young,
and the national anthem was always sung.

Remembering memories I have kept
when seeing our flag, how some folks wept,

People lined our streets back then
in remembrance of our fallen men,

Thru’ pain, and loss, and fight—we gained
love of country and patriots again.

Yes, some traditions have gone astray,
but I’ll celebrate in my own way,

Remembering each new 4th of July,
I’ll honor my country, and yes, I’ll cry.

Tamara Hillman

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