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by Tamara Hillman

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Howdy folks,
My paternal granny always said, “If ya can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen!”
So, that’s my warnin’ to you now…

Here come my feelings on my country, your country, and this 4th of July, Independence Day celebration.
Do you know what INDEPENDENCE DAY stands for?

Have we all forgotten our history? I realize our children and grandchildren are not being taught American history these days to instill in them what made this country great, but that’s no excuse. Start readin’!
Independence was won by the blood of the original settlers who left England to settle in a far away land, America, where they could have FREEDOM from rule under a cruel and unfair king. They sought freedom of speech and religion mostly, but England decided they would not let them have that freedom even on foreign soil. The King proceeded to send an army of Red Coats to straighten out the early settlers.
It didn’t set well with these people who had sacrificed so much to become free of that very ‘boot on their backs’ rule over them, and the mighty King of England didn’t count on the spirit of these NEW Americans. It’s the very thing that has been true about Americans since the thirteen colonies were formed; If you push us hard enough, we’re gonna push back!
Being well armed here in America, the people did fight back against England and her king, and they won a bloody victory in the end.
Do you understand what a great thing the early settlers did?
These brave souls fought and died for a cause greater than any King could ever proclaim; the cause of FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE to run their own lives, and make their own decisions from the government on down…

This was huge! No country had ever tried this before. Instead, the people were held down, kept uneducated, over taxed to the grave, threatened and beheaded if they spoke against, or fought against, ‘King Rule’.

Now, this takes us to today…

I don’t care who you voted for in the last presidential election…both, in my opinion, were unworthy of the job. My heart was heavy seeing our country come down to those two being labeled THE BEST this great nation had to offer. Our forefathers must have been spinnin’ in their graves. Whew!
Lord, help us, I said then, and continue to say as I sit helplessly by watching our country, and all that made her great, being systematically destroyed by people who call themselves PROGRESSIVES. If this is progress, they’d better redefine the word in Webster’s dictionary.
This belief system is nothing new. It really took hold with Woodrow Wilson, and has slowly chipped away at capitalism and a free society for the past 85 years, even having followers back in the late eighteen hundreds. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt was at the very least, a Socialist.)

Another name for PROGRESSIVE is COMMUNIST. There, I’ve said it! You can take my word for it, or you can sit back, do nothing, and watch it come true. But if you love this country the way I do, get off your rear, and fight back anyway you can. I’m not calling for an armed revolution (yet) but if you let this government continue to bypass the CONSTITUTION, and force WE THE PEOPLE to live under laws we strongly oppose, then we no longer are FREE. We are living as just another ‘third-world country’ under a dictator.
You may ask yourself, “How’s that workin’ for those third-world countries, anyway?” I’m here to tell ya, NOT SO GOOD!
The first thing PROGRESSIVES do to gain power is lie to the voters; too many Americans are spoiled, lazy, and take for granted what this country has to offer without taking time to know why we in America have these privileges and rights.
When PROGRESSIVES get elected, they start denigrating our great honor and strengths here in America, starting with religion, the constitution, the military, our history, etc. Ring any bells yet?
I’ll admit honestly, I am a conservative thinker, but I certainly am disgusted with the spineless, old-timer Republicans, (can you spell term limits?) in our House and Senate who side far too often with PROGRESSIVES. For me, it is easier to switch and become an INDEPENDENT than go along with watered down politics to the point of no longer recognizing my country…Not by choice do I switch, but by those people I voted for no longer representing my views. (I’m certain Conservative Democrats feel as frustrated with their party as I do with mine.)
I used to think I stood alone in my thinking, but since the “Tea Party’ was formed, I now know, I’m not the only one who wants to TAKE MY COUNTRY BACK so my kids and grandkids (nine so far, and two greats) can enjoy the same lifestyle, and freedoms I have enjoyed thus far.
Ok, I hear the buzz now…You’ve just branded me a RADICAL TEA PARTIER! I also know there are radicals in every group no matter the goal or leadership, so not so fast. I’m just like you, or anyone else in this country who loves America to the depth of our souls, and know how hard fought our FREEDOM was in the past, is today, and will always be.
We are, “The Home of the Free because of the Brave!”
If you, as an American, cannot understand that, please go back and study your history!!!

Enough said! Granny Tam

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Below is a poem written from the heart for my America…




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Liberty Bell

In the face of this darkness,
where should I be—
pining and weeping,
no faith inside me?
When my beloved country
is shattered and still,
and I can no longer
control my own will…

Who says, “I’m there for you,”

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who dries my tears,
as we in America
face some lean years?
Who drives the enemy
from our front door—
plays hard-ball with countries
on foreign shores?
Who will there be
to protect, and to save
the old Constitution,
the ‘Home of the Brave?’

It won’t be our leaders
who pad their own way
with tax-payer dollars
to retire on someday.
They’ve long forgotten
who’s really boss,
looking down pious noses—
letting us take the loss.
‘We the People’ have memories
of much better times.
You’ll not take them from us
with smooth talk, and sweet rhymes.
For, WE have the power,
we have the pride
to shout out to God
to help, and to guide.
He’ll stand beside us
thru’ thick and thru’ thin,
lifting us from this flame
of iniquity’s den.

Our faith will grow stronger—
who knows where this ends?
But I feel in my heart,
REAL CHANGE ‘round the bend.
So pray even stronger
to let our country stand tall
with fire in her belly,
and FREEDOM for all.
Again to take back
what our birth-rite once gave—
to love this land greatly,
and be no man’s slave.
With God’s help, we’ll conquer,
our Lord will win,
and American people
will thrive once again.

Tamara Hillman

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