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by Tamara Hillman
July 2009

Happy 4th of July

Howdy folks,
Well, when it rains it pours……..Just as we were winding up our stay in Washington, we got a frantic call from our neighbors in Arizona saying there was water running out of our garage and sliding glass doors in the back of the house.
I won't go into the details of what caused the water problem (since we DID shut the water off in the house before leaving ) but we told the neighbors to call the fire department and let them in when they arrived since they have a key to our house.

Steve (my hubby) caught a plane south about four hours later, and left me stranded in Washington wondering what he'd face when he arrived at our home in Arizona........sick to my stomach the whole time, I might add because we have worked sooooooooo hard remodeling that house for a year and a half with our own blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention the expense!) That night he called to say the kitchen was destroyed and the hardwood in the game room that is attached has to all be replaced. Woe is me!

Steve is still down there getting all the insurance and contractors lined up, and having them tear out all the hardwood and kitchen........Guess if anything good comes from all this mess, it's that I get a NEW kitchen. We were waiting until we sold the house here in Washington (that hit the market slump three years ago and remains unsold) to remodel the 30 year old kitchen that was just now ruined... The Lord moves in mysterious ways, so I’ll count my blessings instead of cry over spilt milk…

Another positive coming out of this negative event is that I got to hold my second gr. grandchild on June 24th just one hour after her birth. Of course, that was a thrill.....Her name is Natalia Dawn, (where do these kids come up with such names????)

Anyway, I'm hangin' in there at my son and daughter-in-law's house. We are enjoying an extended visit in spite of the circumstances, (I hope I’m speaking for them too!!!)

Enough about me……

I want to wish each and every one of you a happy 4th of July, and say, “Don’t forget what we are celebrating when the firecrackers go off with a boom and light up a troubled sky over America!”
This country has survived worse wars, depression, and unrest than we are facing now.....
WE proud and patriotic Americans will fight to the death for the freedom our forefathers fought with grit and love in their hearts and minds for a free country without dictators or kings ruling over it’s people.





fireworksLiberty Bellfireworks

Let Freedom Ring from rooftops,
and o’er the mighty land,
and never take for granted
the life of any man—

Who fought and gave his future
for the likes of you and me
to save his homeland’s honor
and the right of Liberty!


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“I remember the 4th”

Oh for the days of big parades,
Of cotton candy and flags waved.

Back in the time when we were young,
And the national anthem was always sung.

Remembering memories I have kept
When seeing our flag, how some folks wept,

As people lined our streets back then
In remembrance of our fallen men,

Thru’ pain and loss, and fight—we gained
Love of country and patriotism again.

Yes, some traditions have gone astray,
But I’ll celebrate in my own way,

Remembering each new 4th of July,
I’ll honor my country, and yes, maybe cry.

Tamara Hillman


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