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by Tamara Hillman
July 2007

America - Remember Me

Ok folks, ya may wanna hang on to your hats while I rant this month. With Independence Day coming in a few days, I truly believe we all should be humbled at how great this country really is, and start acting like it! We need to bow our heads and lay right hands across our hearts for those brave men and women, past and present, who have laid down their lives to preserve and protect ‘The Land of the Free!’

I’m one of the first of the ‘baby boomers,’ having been born in November of 1945, the same year WW11 ended. My dad came home from the Marines in January of forty-five after fighting over seas for three long and bloody years. He was mustered out in August when the Japanese surrendered, and I was born that fall.

Now that my personal history has been covered, that is my reason (or maybe good excuse) for being taught to be a full-fledged patriot of America from birth to the end of my life, whenever that may be. I was not alone in this training, and most of my peers will vouch for that!

Just as Tom Brokaw said, “Those were the men and women of the GREATEST GENERATION!” They knew just what it took to make a better world for their children, and their children’s children. Everyone, at that time, took pride in being an American, and they pulled together in a united front to ward off any nation or individual who thought otherwise. They learned from history books that weren’t written to be ‘politically correct’ but rather told the truth of how far we’d come, mistakes and all, in becoming strong and more advanced than any other nation in the world.

Today, it seems this generation and some old hippies of my time too have forgotten these lessons. Getting stoned on whatever drug of choice in the sixties, and feeling euphoric to the extent of thinking, “Everyone will love you if you just play nice and give them everything they want on an even playing field,” is, and was, pure garbage (or a lot stronger word I could use.) Get it? Well, I wonder…

My fear today is that we’ve forgotten what it takes to remain ONE NATION, UNDER GOD….United for the good of all, and willing to fight to the bloody end for what is right—not for personal gain!

What happened to my America? Where did the great leaders and respectable Christian souls go? What happened to discipline and respect being taught to our children? Where are the schools that actually made you learn the three ‘R’s, and held a child back a grade or two until he/she got the education they deserved? Where is the united brotherhood of my youth? Why does the best man for president have to be a multi-millionaire?

I never dreamed my America would come to this corrupt, socialistic wasteland Washington DC seems to think is best for her and her people. It happened fast because we sat blindly by, silenced, as the enemies of all that is right and good for a strong nation, tried to destroy it.

Yes, our enemies are not ONLY the terrorists who will not rest until they behead every American, or person not of their misguided faith. No, they are the very people who reap the benefits that just being born in this great country gave them so freely! In trying to make new laws fit their personal agenda, they twist those great words written into the Constitution of the United States, our forefathers risked EVERYTHING in signing in order to give generations to come the freedoms they had fought for and left their Motherland to acquire. Those rights and freedoms written for a strong new nation to survive were meant to last forever. They need no amendments or change to continue working as well now as they did in 1776.

The Romans fell, and so will we if we do not turn from wickedness and self- promotion with no regard for our fellowman, and stop being sympathizers of our enemies!……Enough said!

Now go out and celebrate from the heart this 4th of July! Be safe, and don’t forget to pray for those boys and girls in uniform fighting around the world for our freedoms and very lives!


fireworksLiberty Bellfireworks

Let Freedom Ring from rooftops,
and o’er the mighty land,
and never take for granted
the life of any man—

Who fought and gave his future
for the likes of you and me
to save his homeland’s honor
and the right of Liberty!



I sail away on battleships
and ride the open sea,
say goodbye to loved-ones
hoping they’ll remember me.

I fly the skies in bombers,
in jets that slice the wind,
shake hands when leaving buddies
saying, “Don’t forget me, friend.”

I fight in open combat
on ocean and on land,
go door to door in cities
to root out terrorist bands.

I face hardships everyday,
injury and death,
thank God for every moment
He freely gives me breath.

So, remember me tonight in prayer
when you lay down your head
for I am in a foreign land
spreading FREEDOM in your stead.



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