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Country Ramblins' Happy Valentines

February hearts calendar2011

by Tamara Hillman

Howdy folks,

VALENTINE’S DAY! That’s what usually comes to mind when one thinks of February, and I’m sure some of you young sprouts can melt the snow with all the warmth new love brings, but as for we oldsters who have been married so long we seem more like brother and sister, I guess it’s just another day. Not that we weren’t young once, and we do have our memories of all that gushing love stuff.

It all started with old St. Valentine himself…
You see, he knew what he was doing to marry off young lovers who didn’t want to go to war during the reign of Claudius 11 in the 3rd century who forbade soldiers to marry because he felt they fought harder and better if they were single with no heartthrob entanglements at home. Ah, come on! Ya gotta give a guy somethin’ to fight for—old Claudius was off his beam, if ya ask me. As they say nowadays, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

But anyway, St. Valentine lost his head (literally) for disobeying the king, and was martyred down through history every since.


This might be the very year everyone should find someone to love and snuggle down with just to get through the winter. Our country is havin’ an unusual cold spell and blizzard season. (Must be ‘Global Warming’ again!) Tee-hee! Love to get in those digs when the opposite is so obvious!

Even Arizona got the beginnings of this last icy cold-front passing through the south first, then the mid-west, and on up the northeastern United States. The high here today, (and for the next couple of days) will only be 48, and with icy winds blowin' over 24 hours at a time, it feels much colder.

Phoenix was 34 degrees at 9:AM this morning, but with the wind-chill factor, it was actually only 21. Now, for Arizona in February, THAT'S COLD! BRRRRRRRR! We should be in the 70's everyday, (and by the weekend, we will be again), thank God.
It’s very clear out with beautiful blue skies today, but we feel extra comfy indoors with a blankie over the lower extremities as we lounge in our recliners watching reruns of ‘Gun Smoke’ on the western channel!


Hurray! For those of you who know I had a complete knee replacement this month, I got the staples out this week, so I will have lots more flexibility. Already, I have 95 percent bend goin' in reverse, but the staples were drawin’ and pullin’ when the 'Terrorist' (therapist) tried to extend the knee backward. Drugs are holdin' out, and I should have a full-fledged addiction to Vicadin by the time this is all over, but in my present state of mind, WHO CARES!

My Stevie has done fairly well playing "Nurse Ratchett," and has amazes me with what he knows how to do around our DOMESTIC DOMICILE, but he has kept his skills well hidden these passed 38 years. GRRRRRRR!!!!!

So much for how I am spending my winter this year…How are you spending yours?
Would love to hear some stories of your struggle to survive this really nasty winter of 2011.
Write me to fill me in.
Granny Tam

Here are a couple of love poems for ya….

Happy Valentines Day From Granny Tam

Granny Tam


Chinook winds whisper softlyas lover’s breath in spring—
promises of wanton lustdesires and passion bring.
Summer winds brush rosy cheeks—
his hands smooth tousled hair.
Rapturous murmurs in the night—
her perfume lingers there.
Autumn winds blow dry leaves fulfilling nature’s need—
amassing beds on forest floor, accepting fruitful seed.
But beware, the winds of winter blow harsh and bitter cold—
tearing at the heart of man with wounds and pain untold.

Written By Tamara Hillman 2001

Broken HeartLOVEFixing a Broken Heart

(Ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!)

I went to a town,

an’ bought a white gown,

then waited for my Prince Charming.

The men who passed by

would drink, cheat, and lie—

I’ll admit, it was most alarming.

I fin’lly gave up—

didn’t trust to my luck,

an’ knew I’d remain fancy-free.

I now live by myself—

I’ve put love on the shelf,

an’ that’s what my future shall be!


Tamara Hillman


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