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COUNTRY RAMBLIN'S by Tamara Hillman
Katies Spring flowers
April 2007


Easter bunny

Here it is April, and though winter seemed long, I’m breathin’ in sweet spring air in my vicinity. Easter is just around the corner and being a traditionalist, I welcome this and all Christian holidays!
Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it proves to me there is an “After Life.” I think of the VIA DELOROSA (‘The Way,’ or ‘Path of Pain’ in old Jerusalem) each Easter season to remind myself of the cruel, torturous treatment Jesus endured on His way to the cross of crucifixion, and He did it for YOU and for ME. After three days, Jesus conquered death, (not to mention, SATAN) and rose from the grave to join His Father in Heaven.
Just think, we don’t have to be anyone special, rich, or famous to receive the same reward after death, (in fact, the Bible tells us those people who are rich and famous may find it much more difficult to enter those “Pearly Gates” than the lowly because they put more stock in material things, and havin’ the spot light always on themselves than in thinking of God and His kingdom.) Remember folks, we came into this world naked-sinners, and we’re leavin’ the same way! Nothing in between that dash on your tombstone—indicating the day you were born and the day you died—means a thing if you don’t accept the Lord as your Savior.
Enough Sermonizin’……I guess I just felt the urge since it’s Easter!

This year my hubby and I are in transition to a new state, and to an older home we are remodeling for our retirement years. I was born and raised in Washington but this state has changed so much since I was young, I’m more than ready to move on. We are settling in Arizona like so many other “baby boomers,” to soak up some warm sunshine on our arthritic bones. Now, I know you young folks can’t relate to all this because nothin’ hurts yet, but mark my words, EVERYTHING WILL when you age!
I am anxious to get back into “Cowboy Country” to promote more of my cowboy poetry and books too. I have dreams of going on the circuit but I’m playin’ it by ear—one day at a time! My husband is not keen on me runnin’ all over the country followin’ cowboy gatherings and symposiums. Now, he doesn’t worry about me strayin’ but more about a woman bein’ out there on her own in such an unsafe world these days. I get that, but I still have dreams to fulfill before I make that final stop at the “Marble Orchard.”

Spring flowersIs everyone out there plantin’ gardens this month, and watchin’ their flowers bloom now that the weather seems to be movin’ toward summer? I have thirty azaleas between front and back yard, candytuft lining the front walkway, and heather, two flowering cherry trees, and a large, forsythia bush all in bloom. I only wish they stayed so colorful clear through October. Lots of work, but worth the effort each spring.
I don’t do vegetable gardens because after leavin’ the farm, I never wanted to work that hard again. Besides, folks back home still have fruit trees, and plant huge gardens, (half an acre apiece) every year, so I get loads of fruits and veggies to can (preserve) in the fall. Too many zucchinis always, but I just make up a few batches of zucchini bread and freeze it to take care of what I don’t pan-fry in egg batter and golden butter, with salt & pepper to taste. Mmmmmm, makes my mouth water!


Time to move on to the poetry corner, and stop ramblin’…




Jesus cross

While just a child,
beginning at three,
I learned Jesus had risen
after dieing for me,

That all knees will bend
when he makes His return,
and of lakes of fire
where sinners will burn,

Of miraculous wonders
when He roamed the Earth,
and the glories we reap
because of His birth,

Of treasures in Heaven
believers will see,
and over their sin
they’ll win victory,

That even the creatures
know the Great One,
and bow humbly to honor
God’s precious Son…

I know its all true
since at Easter, you see,
the most perfect crosses
form atop the pine tree.



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